Staying Safe
The Seattle Residences And Spa

At the Seattle Residences and Spa, we strive to provide no less than extraordinary stay experiences, even in these challenging and unprecedented times. Our core values; people first, responsibility, care, and passion, have never been more important. The wellbeing of our residents, visitors, and the team is our main priority, so you can feel safe from check-in to check-out, and everywhere in between.

As the situation around Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, we are doing everything we can to ensure your stay with us is safe.

In addition to our full compliance with the mandates of the government, we partnered with Diversey early on to ensure that all our sanitation processes were implemented to the highest protocol, elevating our standards as a global service provider and leader through sanitization processes.

We have further enhanced our room cleaning process and each apartment is deeply sanitized.

Arriving Guests
Here are a few points to know:
Guidelines - We know things maybe a bit confusing. So, when arriving at the property we’ve made sure to inform you of the safety.
You will be required to share the following ahead of your arrival at the property:

  • Names and details of each guest (in case you are being accompanied during your stay with us)
  • How, when and how long they have been in quarantine
  • How are they being transported to the property and how will you ensure they will not be exposed to cross contamination
  • Has any medical assessment been done? If so, Please send a copy of the result as evidence..
  • A declaration statement from you indicating that you have absolutely no symptom of COVID 19.

To help us minimize the spread of COVID-19 we have implemented a few new ways of doing things:

  • Number of guests received by each apartment per day is a maximum of 5
  • Use of Pool and Gym – This will be closed until further notice
  • Use of Spa – The Spa has reopened. To make a booking, please call +234 818 863 5648
  • We are here for you day and night! Please call or text us: +234 902 007 7771!
  • Every room has been provided a sanitizer. Please use this to disinfect where necessary while in your apartment.
  • For your laundry services, the Seattle Residences and Spa ensures sterilization of all linens to keep you safe between stays.
  • Restaurant: The restaurant will remain closed until it is considered safe to reopen. However, our Chefs are available 24 hours daily for your room service orders.

These primary phases signify a shift in the right direction helping us navigate the socio-economic quandaries brought about by the uncertainties of the current situation. But while we’re at it, we believe that the ethos of our people will continue to thrive and as hard as it might be to look past our current circumstances, seeing this progression, fills us with confidence that we can start looking into the future with a renewed focus and optimism.

As always, our guests and our employees remain the focus as we continue to evolve as a brand and as an industry.

We look forward to having you, continue to stay safe and in touch with us via our online channels as we love to hear from you.

Warmest Regards,
The Seattle Residences and Spa